Monday, June 20, 2011

Finn has a Son! O///O


Today, when i make my daily sketch i found a picture on deviantart with a strong father, who hold his son in his arms.
So, because i decided to practise children, i draw this pic. I used it as a reference, because i want to learn their bodies x'D. But the face and so on, i draw in my manga style. ( OMG I LOVE Mangastyle ;A;""" i only want to draw in this style~ XD)

I thought to draw Finns Son. x'D. I never thought about, that he could have one. The Son have the Eyes of his grandmother and the hair of this father. (when he is human x'D)
But i don't know how i call him~
The parents are Valerie and Finn.. but the son? ;A;" i don't know T_T

but i think he is cute.. and look like a child.
How do you think? °O°

Sorry, it's only a fast practise picture.. but i like it so much <33
and i think its okay to use refrence and upload it here <3

and the FH dortmund accepted me *___*"", but i got a very bad mark.. so i hope i will get a place >__< and can stu
dy ~


  1. this is an awesome pic! I like the feeling ... the very strong and manly looking Finn with the small and fragile looking child in his arm.

  2. Fan Service!!!!!!!!!!1111elf <3
    SO süß! awww~

    Namen? Hm also mir würde jetzt spontan
    Arem, Dyan oder Ishliah denken
    aber vllt, findest du ja selber noch einen passenderen Namen! weiter so *-*

  3. epic <33333333
    Der kleine ist so süß ;O;